"Designing and Producing products that are not just different but better"

JC Prime Auto Motives produces wide range of filters for Two wheelers , Cars, trucks and earth moving equipment i.e Air filter, Oil Filter, Fuel Filter and Cabin Filters .The range covers more than 500 different types of filters with more than 50 new types added yearly. These can be availed from us in varied specifications. Furthermore, our products are designed and developed under stringent conditions for meeting varied application requirement of our customers. The flawless functioning of our range and their availability at competitive prices has also helped us to make our customers

Advanced Manufacturing Technology

JC Prime Auto Motives employs both traditional and advanced methods for the manufacture of oil filters. All associated manufacturing steps, from the introduction of raw materials to the completion of the filters are undertaken in-house which bestows full control over the finished product and assures its quality.
JC Prime Auto Motives combines a number of factors to ensure the quality of its oil filters during production. From the state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, to the technical expertise and experienced staff, we take pride in knowing that we have full competence to manufacture superior quality oil filters.
The process begins by inspecting all raw materials to ensure they conform to our standards. Then the materials are forwarded to the corresponding flexible manufacturing cells for specific processes such as canister drawing, forming of internal components, paper pleating and curing, canister treatment, powder painting and curing, and ultimately assembling.
Rigorous visual and laboratory testing inspections are performed at every stage of the manufacturing process according to our quality procedures to ensure our filters are free of any defect before they leave our facility. At the same time, we strive to perform all our activities by abiding to established health, safety and environmental regulations as our commitment to the people we employ and our respect for the environment.

Health And Safety

HEALTH & SAFETY JC Prime Auto Motives as one of the leading industrial companies and particularly in the filter manufacturing sector, recognises the importance of health and safety.


Service As in any manufacturing industry, a large part of JC Prime Auto Motives growing reputation for quality and reliability is down to meeting customer demand.


Quality Policy is implemented through a detailed quality system, which is in conformance with the requirements. We pledge to work closely with our customers identifying…